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Your safety is Drug Treatment Denver CO‘s top concern. That’s why they offer a thorough schedule of detoxification for patients who have severe physical dependencies on opiates, alcohol, or other such drugs. Over time and with heavy use, these substances create tolerance within the human body, which becomes accustomed to their constant presence in the bloodstream, tissues, and brain. When the individual suddenly stops using drugs—if they attempt to quit “cold turkey,” for example—the body returns to homeostasis, resulting in drastic physical side effects. These side effects may include fever, aches, pains, vomiting, seizures, coma, or death in some cases. With the medication and 24-hour supervision provided by a detox clinic, however, severe withdrawal symptoms are mitigated and the patient’s system scrubbed clean of any problematic drug residues.

Detox is not the same thing as treatment. A person’s mental wellbeing needs to be addressed alongside their physical dependency issues—the real battle against addiction is fought in the mind. If you attempt to go “cold turkey,” or believe that detox is enough treatment, then you vastly increase the chances of relapse. Professional help in the form of therapy and counseling is essential to restoring a person’s sobriety on a permanent basis.

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The Perils of Withdrawal

Withdrawal can begin only hours after your last dose of the drug—sooner if your drug of choice was cocaine or methamphetamine or some other CNS stimulant. It’s important that you be in a clinical setting in a detox center, with trained clinicians on hand to monitor your detoxification around the clock, if your safety is to be assured. These clinicians will administer medications such as methadone, buprenorphine, and others. These lessen the effects of withdrawal and let your body adjust to the absence of your drug of choice naturally and gradually, without the sudden jarring return to homeostasis which engenders drastic side effects. Over a period of three days to two weeks, your body will naturally rid itself of any traces of your drug of choice, the worst of the physical cravings will subside, and you’ll be ready to begin the next phase of treatment: rehabilitation.

Drug Treatment Denver CO considers your recovery, sobriety, and safety paramount. They’ll take every pain and go to any lengths to make sure your stay in rehab is comfortable and effective. They keep a world-class team of addiction experts and medical professionals on hand to show you through detox, rehab, therapy, counseling, and aftercare programs with kindness and compassion. Let them help you get clean. Drug Treatment Denver CO is standing by to help you beat addiction once and for all.

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