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Many states across the nation have reports of sudden rise in emergency room cases and hospitalizations mostly linked to the use of synthetic marijuana. Health officials are seriously examining how to battle the spike hospitalizations, calls for action to poison control centers and even deaths from the consumption of the new designer drug.


Synthetic marijuana called as spice and other names such as K2, Scooby snacks, Yucatan fire and fake weed, according to the National Institute of Health (NIH), are all the same drug with contents of herbal mixtures combined with many chemical additives that produces effects like of the real marijuana. Spice is sold with a price of $5 without remarking what ingredients or how strong it can be. While state officials continue to ban the active ingredients of the synthetic marijuana, the manufacturers change the ingredients formula substituting chemicals with unknown alternatives to stay ahead of the law.


According to the Banner Poison and Drug Information Center in Arizona, April 2015 have a remarkably report of 30 cases relating to the exposure to synthetic marijuana compared to the numbers reported last year 2014. It’s been years since the federal government outlawed the sale and use of synthetic marijuana as part of the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act, but it evidently shows that it gets harder to comprehend how to hold it off the market.


Today, people who cannot use natural marijuana for different reasons such as illegality issues find the use of synthetic marijuana very appealing. This way they can get the high without facing jurisdiction, it has a cheaper and affordable price, and can be found in the markets.


Meanwhile, survey published by the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence shows that 93% of users prefer natural marijuana than synthetic marijuana. This study was made by Kings College in London holding a survey with 15,000 subjects with reports of 99% of it saying they have used organic cannabis.


Natural marijuana overdose have no records of any single death and is not known to have caused severe health consequences even if individuals have used it for years. While the constant change in synthetic marijuana’s chemicals continues, experts say that natural marijuana is far way safer than synthetic marijuana. This led people to asking the government to legalize the use of recreational marijuana.


Arizona voters will likely to see the Arizona Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Amendment in their ballots giving the community a chance to prevent the use of synthetic marijuana. Arizonian might be able to possess and smoke recreational marijuana and plant up to six cannabis plants once it approves more yes in the ballots. The law was being sponsored by the group “Safer Arizona” proposing the amendment to allow individuals aged 18 and above to use, possess and grow natural marijuana for other purposes than medical use. The legalization of recreational marijuana may pose lesser threats to the public health of the community that putting themselves to bigger risks in using synthetic marijuana.

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