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Drug Treatment Denver CO is sympathetic to the plight of the addicted individual, who often faces all sorts of hardship and stigmatization from society. That’s why Drug Treatment Denver CO’s intake process has been streamlined and the admissions procedure swift and discreet. Drug Treatment Denver CO’s residential facilities are outfitted with all the comforts of home and their treatment center has a well-trained and kindly staff of medical professionals on hand to usher you through a successful recovery.

The process begins with a phone call. A Drug Treatment Denver CO counselor will answer all your initial questions, interview you about you or your loved one’s drug habit, determine the presence of any dual diagnoses like depression or bipolar disorder, and begin to construct a personalized treatment plan around the patient’s needs.

Rehabilitation Facilities

Rooms at Drug Treatment Denver CO’s sober living facility may be shared or occupied singly, though they will probably be shared between two or four people. The house’s amenities include a spacious floorplan, meals and snacks, fully-stocked kitchen, large-screen television, recreational facilities, free laundry with detergent, a pool, an expansive backyard, and free transport to and from the rehab center for daily therapy. In the interests of safety, only ten occupants will be in the house at any given time, and a house manager is on call twenty-four hours a day.

A personalized recovery regimen and patient safety are what makes Drug Treatment Denver CO’s rehabilitation process and facilities second to none. Learn more by calling (303) 223-5957.

Drug Treatment Denver CO makes it their goal to give people back the fruitful lives they had before they became addicted. Their services include a network of therapists and counselors in the Denver area who can make sure your recovery is ongoing. The admissions counselor who was paired with you during the intake process is always available to speak with you if you ever feel like your grip on sobriety is slipping. Drug Treatment Denver CO has your back no matter how long ago you graduated from their rehabilitation program: should you relapse within 365 days of completing one of their 45- and 90-day plans, you are entitled to a free 28-day maintenance program to get you back on track. At Drug Treatment Denver CO, the highest priority is your recovery.

Obtain expert rehabilitation care today by dialing (303) 223-5957. We can help you or your loved one get sober permanently.