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Addiction is now understood to be a powerful psychological disorder, which manifests itself as a strong desire to use a substance or engage in a certain behavior. The pursuit of this activity results in a flood of pleasure chemicals in the user’s central nervous system. Using a substance such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, or alcohol repeatedly can create both a mental addiction (a psychological urge to use the drug in question) and a physical dependency (a need to use the drug to stave off withdrawal symptoms and bodily discomfort). Even drugs which are believed to be “safe,” such as marijuana, can still create mental addictions if not physical dependencies. No matter what type of substance you or your loved one may be addicted to, Drug Treatment Denver CO can help.

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Drug Rehab Step-by-Step

The need for urgent medical attention is very real if you observe these signs in a family member or yourself. Don’t consider quitting “cold turkey” (withdrawing from drugs or alcohol by immediately and permanently abstaining from their use). If your addiction was protracted or intense, the withdrawal symptoms could be excruciatingly painful, even deadly. Also, addiction isn’t merely physical—it’s a recurrent psychological disorder that needs therapy to be treated effectively. Therapy and counseling are essential if an afflicted individual is to dodge relapse, heal their mental strife, and re-learn the skills they need to stay sober and rejoin society.

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